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Amazing Tales, complete kids' RPG
Publisher: Amazing Tales
by Leif C. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 03/27/2018 18:51:11

My three and a half year old son has recently gotten into family game night, and he has enjoyed some classic board games. But, he is very creative and loves story time, so I thought that Amazing Tales would be a great addition to our game nights. I ordered the premium hardback edition, and it arrived a few days later. It is a gorgeous book, and we enjoy leafing through the pictures as well. I wasn't sure if my son had the attention span for the game yet, but the structure of the game makes it appropriate for all ages. While not a RPG veteran myself, I've always wanted to get into them. This is just that game! I love that the book encourages your child to incorporate toys and props into the gameplay. It certainly helped keep my son's attention. The four unique worlds introduced in the book are excellent, and will surely present options for your kids no matter their particular interests. And, the rules make it easy to adapt to any IP you wish: Star Wars, Comic Book Superheroes, etc. Imagine a Genesys style RPG, but for kids and their parents. I highly recommend it for everyone, as it is a lot of fun for children and adults alike!

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Amazing Tales, complete kids' RPG
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