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Hex Kit: Desktop App
Publisher: cone of negative energy
by A customer [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/12/2020 03:16:35

I bought the Fantasyland set of hex art some years ago and used them to create an overland map for a Wilderlands campaign i am running. But using the itty-bitty one-hex-at-a-time art pieces in RPTools' MapTool to first create and then keep track of which hexes has been explored is a pain. Some days ago if bought package with the Hex Kit app and the rest of the hex art. I spent some hours figuring out how to use tye application best for my purposes and redrawing the map in the Hex Kit app. Drawing the underlying greater terrain of the map is easy/uncomplicated. Just select a terrain type and paint. But it does take some time and effort to get roads and rivers to be as you want them, because you need to select and rotate each piece of the road/river to get them just right. Also, placing special icons/hexes for cities, adventure sites and whatnot also takes a bit of time as you look for the just the right one. So there is a bit of investment. But it is worth it. We play face-to-face and are using MapTool on a TV screen for the dungeon maps etc. And now with the overland map in the Hex Kit app, I am finally able to show the party’s progress thanks to the persistent fog of war functionality. Me happy user. :-)

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Hex Kit: Desktop App
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