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Wrath & Glory: Core Rules
Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
by A customer [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 04/16/2020 04:29:50

The editing is clearly not finished yet and several mechanics are just plain bad. This is akin to a beta product.

Here are some examples of these problems.

Mechanical editing issues examples:

First of all the influence test system for acquiring stuff is very vague and poorly explained with no proper example, they also have no solution on how to get multiple of the same thing in one acquisition roll. Secondly they contradict themselves in the explanation of how it actually works. They are both claiming that "Wealth is spent after the initial Infl uence test, not before." and have the steps "3. Spend Assets or Wealth" and "4. Make the Infl uence Test and apply Shifts", this may seem like a minute difference but in practice one of the statements means you may lose your wealth and get nothing.

They also type specifically at the ascension psyker class that they only get one psychic discipline (while they on the proper psykers type they get access to everything), but at another point in the book they fully contradict that by stating you only need the Psyker keyword to be a psyker. This not only makes that ascension path useless but effectively makes the best way to play a psyker not to pick any psyker archetype and just grab the keyword as you go along, since those archetypes are very overcosted.

Some other fun ones are that the minimum long jump distance for an average human (without rolling for it which can yield more distance) is 6m which is female Olympian tier, while a maxed out human without any augmentations can jump 16m before rolling. The flamer can target the ground under people and hit automatically if it hits the ground (not hard), then requires an action by the enemies to put the flames out or they will take constant damage no matter their armour, basically making it the best CC weapon in the game.

General editing issues examples:

For instance the Heretek archetype is listed as tier 3 in their table but as tier 2 on its page, on every single skill they have written examples that follow a different set of proposed difficulties than the book proposes in its introduction to the rules. The wildcard keyword is written in some places where it should be the any keyword (or the other way around hard to be sure what they want to go with). The PDF also has several issues for example the word "influence" where about half the instances need to be searched for as "infl uence" in order to be found, which can also be seen earlier in this post where I quote the book.

Mechanical rules issues examples:

  1. The game has both a static DR pool and a static(ish) damage system. This means for example that a regular Ork Boy is almost impervious to las gun fire, for example a regular hit can never do damage without any special abilities or glory being used. There is a reason that most games either roll for damage (DnD) or roll for Damage Reduction (Shadowrun).
  2. Sustaining any psyhic power increases the thresholds you need to succeed of everything by 2 (which is a lot in this game), while sometimes also dealing damage to you and having you roll if others damage you in order to lose concentration. Now this would all be well and good if the powers actually justified this but barely any of them do and in those cases the difficulty change has no impact on the spell anyways. The most ridiculous example of this is the sustained minor powers which absolutely do not justify this cost. It is also a problem for self buffs for example spells like "Living Lightning" that is similar to DnD:s haste (but here you only can cast it on yourself and does a lot of damage to you per round) making them completely useless.
  3. Awful balancing between different player archetypes and lack of basic starting gear, some classes flat out start without armour even on tier 2 or 3 with no ability to get any type of armour from anything else in character creation. Due to the previously mentioned problem with the damage system the players who start with weak guns and weak armour may find themselves in situations where the other players severely outclass them, even though both players made combat focused characters and picked combat focused archetypes.

There are however some good points to the book and some good improvements compared to other 40k rpg:s. But I don't think it is ever appropriate to recommend such a poorly edited product until they fix at least some of it.

Edit: There was an update, but don't worry they fixed none of the issues I listed here.

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Wrath & Glory: Core Rules
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