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Conan: The Monolith Sourcebook
Publisher: Modiphius
by Joshua F. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/07/2018 13:55:21

Up to the normal beauty of all the other Conan books but lacking in substance that is directly applicable to the tabletop RPG. This book would be best described as an expansion/how to for the board game. There are some new enemies for DMs but beyond that it is mostly mission/story ideas if you are playing the RPG. If you like the board game that it is linked to then it is a great addition with a variety of new scenarios for you as well as a detailed how-to that will help you write your own adventures and missions for the board game. Beyond that, it is pretty and I'm happy to have it but it won't be adding much to my ongoing Conan campaign beyond giving us something fun to do when we want a break from the role playing.

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Conan: The Monolith Sourcebook
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