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Kinorb World Book $8.00
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Kinorb World Book
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Kinorb World Book
Publisher: Mongoose
by Yann P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 01/24/2021 03:57:03

(Review in English below) Sur la forme, ce très intéressant supplément contient les éléments suivants :

  • Une superbe couverture qui représente Kinorb vu de l'espace, ce qui permet de ce mettre très vite dans l'ambiance.
  • Une page de présentation rapide du monde.
  • Trois pages de cartes, encore une fois superbes, et de données techniques sur Kinorb et son système.
  • Cinq pages de description de la planète et de ses habitants.
  • Une aventure illustrée de dix pages comprenant les caractéristiques des PNJ.
  • Deux pages de synopsis d'aventures.
  • Une page blanche.
  • Une carte régionale sur deux pages.

Sur le fond, on a là un très bon supplément, rapidement exploitable. La lecture est agréable et donne envie de jouer. Vivement d'autres suppléments dans la même gamme Mister Wallace !

On the form, this very interesting supplement contains the following elements:

  • A superb cover which represents Kinorb seen from the space, which makes it possible to put it very quickly in the atmosphere.
  • A quick presentation page of the world.
  • Three pages of maps, again superb, and technical data about Kinorb and its system.
  • Five pages of description of the planet and its inhabitants.
  • A ten-page illustrated adventure including NPC features.
  • Two pages of adventure synopses.
  • One blank page.
  • A two-page regional map.

On the background, we have a very good supplement, quickly usable. The reading is pleasant and makes you want to play. Looking forward to other supplements in the same range Mister Wallace!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Creator Reply:
Thankyou! The plan is as follows in order of release - Heya adventure book is nearly finished, which involves a runaway high tech Imperial Ship, ancient intelligence, heart of darkness style jungle river expedition, an alien race (zurphani) plus hovercraft! Its a big one so its taken me a while. An Adventure on Yori involving interclan warfare with Imperial Corporations and the Zurphani A world map book for Regina Subsector An adventure book for Pixie- this is a while off put it ties in with the events on Heya An Expanded Yori book Hope you enjoy and I wish I could write in your native language, it would make life a little easier for you. Cheers
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