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Cats Of Catthulhu, Book I: THE NEKONOMIKON $9.95 $4.95
by Seokwan C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/07/2015 22:30:35

Simple, lovely, and starter-friendly rule and setting. One can be encouraged to enjoy a short, cute adventure with his/her cat-loving friends, without entangled with complex modifiers or maths, also without massive battlemaps and miniatures.


THE NEKONOMIKON stands fairly well alone. With some bold sense, one may have decent session with rule summary on the character sheet page! BUT HAVING UNAUSSPRECHLICHEN KATZEN is, recommendable, although not crucial, to herders.


Cthulhu-based settings may feel like, for non-Cthulhu fans like me, jokes in hero movies. It makes this rule more fun and adventurous, but simultaneously, IS NOT CRUCIAL, and may have some detrimental effects - as jokes go well with Tony Stark but not with V.

If publisher applied some different marketing schemes, appealed this rule for general cat-loving TRPGers, instead of cat-loving lovecraftians, with titles like "CATADVENTURE NYAN-RPG"(Sorry for being not creative), I think more people are enjoying this good rule, and maybe, more new RPG players as publisher initially intended when they made the rule.


CATS RARELY FAIL. The herder must keep this in mind when making his/her own adventure. Or you will have a visual novel, instead of an adventure game.

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Cats Of Catthulhu, Book I: THE NEKONOMIKON
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