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W20 Changing Ways $14.99
Publisher: Onyx Path Publishing
by MacKenzie C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/07/2018 17:43:17

This is one of if not THE best book produced for Werewolf in years.

Many other books will give you shots at tribes, or auspices. Some give you locations. Many have bunches of gifts and fetishes. THIS book tells you what it's like BEING A garou. Not 'here's the stats when you change to glabro' but what it feels like. How you perceive the world. How everything changes. It is "How to be a garou" more than just 'Powers/rites/totems/fetishes.'

It really puts you in the mindset of the garou. It covers a wide swath of the game, as it pertains to playing your character. How it FEELS when you get hurt and more over how it feels as you heal. (Here's a clue. It HURTS). It covers a vast amount of intricacies that are merely glossed over in other books. Going into amazing detail. What does it FEEL like to have rage? How does it express itself? What's it feel like to channel that rage and use it? What does Gnosis feel like? How does it feel to regain it? How does pregnancy affect a garou mother? How do different tribes treat their lupus? How do they treat their metis? How does growing up Metis affect the mindset of the character? All these questions and many more are broached.

Some of us have been playing this game for 20+ Years and some of us have played out these aspects,but in this book they become CANON. And it's Amazing. I cannot describe the amount of validation reading this book has given. So many things that had to be extrapolated, and assumed are now canon.

I can't reccomend this book enough. It should be required reading for people that wish to play garou. It goes into Packs as well. Different dynamics. It goes into how the garou deal with spritis and 'why' rites work.

It would be a deal at twice the price.

As a side note, there are a few aspects that might anger people. Sexuality is addressed and in any conversation about sex, you know SOME people are going to freak. There are some things that make people jumpy. More over there are some things presented that would make you blink. As the war for Gaia winds to a conclusion (Gears up? Winds down? Both at once?) you will see things at both end of the spectrum. Some septs.... might for example kill every metis born. Others.. may be in such need for warriors, any warriors that they turn a blind eye to metis production, because a Garou is a garou and every one is needed. In such cases the book presents the standard, meaty center of the bell curve, but often presents both sides as well. Those that deviate from the norm. Some of those deviations may fit in your games. Some may not.

The book gives you the choices to include them should you wish.

Great book from cover to cover. if I could give it a 10 out of 5 I would.

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W20 Changing Ways
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