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Epic Isometric Bundle $25.00
Publisher: WarDrumRPG
by Nathaniel R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/03/2019 11:53:45

I was excited to include this into my dungeon building with Hobbyte's DungeonBuilder, but apparently I should have done some additional background research. Had I known that I would spend 15 hours, $50, and more emotional and intellectual labor than I care to admit I would not have purchased. Even after following the instructions on NexusMod (which are vague) and scouring the downloads for any kind of instruction (and finding none), I'm no closer than when I started. Even reading the discussions here, I can see that there is a mention going back to August that has not been responded to by the publisher (but they have replied to other more recent inquiries). I would happily change this review to better reflect the nature of the product, but without any kind of response or feedback I would have nothing to base it off of.

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Epic Isometric Bundle
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