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Codex Martialis (2008 Legacy Edition) $12.00
Publisher: Codex Integrum LLC
by Pierre P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/07/2010 03:18:27

This book has some very different, and in my view good ideas about how to handle combat in D&D. It outlines a system that takes combat from a mostly die-rolling exercise to one that requires more tactical decision making. The system is intended to be more realistic, which I prefer, and it is well-researched and presented. I haven't had a chance to fully play-test the system, but it doesn't seem to sacrifice fun or speed for the sake of realism. In addition to explaining the basic premise behind the system the book also details feats, armor and weapons, and includes very basic rules for integrating magic and other elements of combat. One difficulty I had in testing this system is that there aren't a lot of examples to show how it works which left me with unanswered questions. I went to the website which has quite a few topics and I found some answers there. My biggest frustration though is that I can't get registered on the website to ask questions of my own. I registered once, but did not get the activation email. Now when I try to register it indicates that my email is already registered and the account is inactive. Unfortunately there is no way to contact anyone to address this and attempts to resend the activation email get no response. Still I like the product enough to consider purchasing v2.3 of the rules with the hope that some of the details will be cleared up in this version. I just wish there was an upgrade option at a reduced price.

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Creator Reply:
Glad to hear you liked the Codex. Sorry about your trouble with the websites, new registrations were shut down for a couple of weeks due to spam attacks, but the issue has been cleared up since we added a 'captcha'. You should be able to create an account there now. If you contact us on the site we will give you a free upgrade to the 2.3 version.
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Codex Martialis (2008 Legacy Edition)
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