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RuneQuest Quickstart
Publisher: Chaosium
by Pb B. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/16/2019 10:47:27

I'm sure the designers care about their work. No doubt they are talented and do their best.
But I'm a new player and this product is unsuited to me. For me that's the only real problem: the game can't get new audience.
In 2015 I discovered a videogame set in a fantasy world of Glorantha. Since then I was eager to try Runequest—a tabletop RPG created for this setting. The new edition "RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha" seemed like the best option: modern rules, openness to a wider audience, support from the developers.

RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha. Quickstart was supposed to be a gateway for newbies like me. But it is so incomprehensible, it closes Runequest for me. Maybe it's my fault: what if I am just a moron? I can't prove I am not. But in the last few years I was reading about at least three modern RPGs. None of them was hard to understand, and one of them I now play.
But when I try to give the Runequest a shot, I end up wondering: "how the heck I must use it?" It's not just the volume of rules you must know to, say, parry a blow, it's how they're described: they are (sometimes, not always) unclear, (rarely) contradictory and (usually) just cumbersome (like in some other games, though it doesn't make them unplayable). Still, everybody seems to say how easily they grasp the rules after playing Runequest II for decades. I just don't have such wealth. I'm sorry.

Sadly there are typos that just shouldn't exist in PDF (for example, "1Dd6" on page 41). It's not due to lack of desire to make a good product, it's just the lack of another person to proofread it.
I wanted to like Quickstart, but even when I glanced the adventure, I found more things I dislike in RPGs, such as unhelpful descriptions for a GM: "No Lore skills, even if successful, can identify this item. Sometimes it is important to accept the unknown." In a game with "Knowledge" spell I want the adventure to give me the name: if I see fit, I can make it unknown.
Last but not least, the layout is very pretty, but not consistent. The grayscale images are acceptable for low-profile printed product, but this is a PDF. Illustrations are repeated too many times, and they look like they were forced through the deadline. It would be so much more evocative for new players to at least have colourful, finished (not draft) portraits of pre-gens. It would awe them and make them want to play these characters. It is expensive, but other games do it, and it works great.

I wish the game would say: "Here are the 7 core rules, learn them. These are 193 optional, look them up while playing, it will not slow down the game." I wish there was better layout with all Successes/Failures/Fumbles emphasized with bold, or new line, or somehow else (anything is better than the wall of text). I wish there was a better way for a new player to start enjoying Runequest: Glorantha.

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RuneQuest Quickstart
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