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Companions & Familiars (Fantasy Add-On) $3.99
Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment
by Jeremy S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 03/06/2020 23:42:03

Most of the SWAG pdfs are very simple, which is fine for what they do. This one stands out as a very thorough document on the subject of companions and familiars. I consider this a must-buy and Pinnacle might consider acquring it and integrating it into the SWADE version of the Fantasy Companion. Even though it is geated towards the assumption of fantasy characters it will be easy to use for other campaigns. I am thinking about using it for drones and robots in a more futuristic setting. The sample characters and Companions are full of good ideas.

One more thing that I would add is that you could easily use it to make buddies, being like normal characters that are built on 28 points instead of the 32 for animal companions. These buddies would be created like normal charactrers except they pay for their Race and their Attribute points are not preallocated to 5 and their Skill points are not preallocated to 15. The 4 fewer points is that they would not have the three default disadvantages of an amimal companion. This way you could have your primary character have an Extra buddy that can go on adventures with them, and not hve to wait until Legendary to take a Sidekick.

This pdf addresses the concerns that have come up over the years when players want to have an animal companioon, a familiar, or (with my suggestion above) a second character.

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Companions & Familiars (Fantasy Add-On)
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