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Alone Against the Flames
Publisher: Chaosium
by Bruce R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 04/20/2020 07:59:54

Thoroughly enjoyed this adventure. I played through it in an evening, had dreadful luck and thought that my fate was doomed because of my poor dice rolls but I still managed to come through the adventure singed but intact.

Having read and re-read it a few times since, the adventure is very cleverly done. Choice plays a part, luck is certainly a factor but I never felt railroaded or cheated. Even though I suspected what might happen to my poor PC, and some of what I suspected did actually come to pass, I was never quite sure and the level of suspense was 'just right'. Some of the successful rolls told me important information and some were completely unimportant which made me feel that the dice rolls that I failed at were not necessarily important to the overall story. I just didn't know.

I would have been satisfied with the outcome even if I had not survived through it because the tension was carefully built and I was quite immersed in the story. I haven't tried replaying this solitaire adventure yet but having read fragments of the alternative plotlines, I think this adventure deserves a replay - and maybe the 'dice gods' and my choices will yield a completely different outcome.

I'm going to check out the other "Alone Against the" titles produced by Chaosium. I really enjoyed this one.



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Alone Against the Flames
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