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Conan: Kull of Atlantis $14.99
Publisher: Modiphius
by kristine y. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/14/2020 10:35:36

Its amazing how much was included in this 120 page book. Included is a map for the Thurian age. A background for the various peoples of the age. A history of the age and brief description of the major and minor kingdoms. I found the inforamtion useful for plot ideas to use in an age of Conan campaign. The included adventure has ideas that you could use for your own campaign to have some intersting encounters in an age of Conan era. I liked that Thulsa Doom was included as he is one of the most iconic charcters that a lot of fans know of. The book gives you plenty of ideas and information on how to run a campaign in this time. Overall this book has alot to offer, whether you want to play in another era, or add depth and history to your existing campaign.

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Conan: Kull of Atlantis
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