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Wrath & Glory: Core Rules $29.99
Publisher: Cubicle 7 Entertainment Ltd.
by Th G. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 12/23/2020 05:26:12

As a veteran 40k -er and 40k RPG GM, If I had to describe my experience of Wrath and Glory with a single word, that word would be; Disappointing

My first impression was not particularly positive - Starships slower than aircraft, and with shorter ranges than artillery was an interesting choice - that flew in the face of all lore.

They have reworked it substantially, and removed starships. So here are my thoughts on the second release.

First: Much content, barring the new setting content, is verbatim from the other 40k rpgs - psychic powers, perils of the warp, descriptions, etc.

Second: It covers pretty much everything, very thinly. It also, in my opinion, sacrifices much of the quintessential 40k character in the process.

Third: The rules. It is not a bad ruleset. It is slightly more complex than the base d100 ruleset used in the other RPG’s - featuring dicepools, and is d6 based. This makes the probabilities harder to estimate, than the other system. Overall impression of the rules and running the game, is that if you told me this was a reskinned FATE/Shadowrun with a few 40k tables, I would believe you. The biggest problem for me is that it is NOT compatible with the previous 90+ books of 40k RPG content. Suffice to say I have little reason - or way - to incorporate this into my ongoing campaign.

So, Pros:

  • Good if you have a lot of d6’s
  • Covers a lot in a small space
  • Good for quick, simple campaigns
  • Has some new setting content


  • incompatible with the other 40k RPG systems (why???)
  • ...despite reusing much of the content, verbatim in some cases, bringing little new to the table
  • Shallow: would not recommend for extended campaigns

Final comments: I purchased this so you do not have to. The other 40k RPG’s are far more atmospheric and content rich, even comparing Rulebook for Rulebook - rather than comparing the entire series, which would be unfair. W&G brings little new to the table barring a new rulesystem, and does not really build on previous 40k RPG success by dint of incompatibility. If this was published in a world with no 40k rpgs, and purely in comparison to other RPG systems, I would award this a solid 4 stars. In light of the existence of the other 40k RPG’s, it is not favourably comparible. Supporters may point to community content for W&G, but more often than not, this is simply converted content from the other RPG’s. Some others may suggest that W&G is also more flexible and adaptible, and simpler than the other system, but this is simply not the case - the core rules are of similar complexity. As such, W&G is deserving of 2 stars at the moment.

Should there be a substantial offering vis compatibility, and a greater focus on setting, atmosphere, and so on, this has the potential to be a decent addition.

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Wrath & Glory: Core Rules
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