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Publisher: Amazing Tales
by A customer [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/08/2021 18:55:53

I was a big fan of Amazing Tales, so of course I had to get this game. It did not disapoint! As it says in the decription it is for an older audience, and has more rules than his family game, but it's still very "indie" and narative types of rules (YAY!).

It's nice to not have to read a big book, and I love the default setting to the game as it has a lot of info packed into 49 pages, including the iconic pre-gens, and adventure ideas. And there are two really good adventures included too.

Of the things I love about this game the most:

• There is no list os super powers, the players come up with what each of their powers does (which means you don't have to look up stuff during the game).

• The game uses conditions instead of hit points. The conditions rules are more story friendly as they are made up for the situation that caused them.

• The GM does not roll dice. Now this might sound lame, as who does not want to roll dice? But here me out: the GM not having to roll dice keeps the heat off of you when the players roll poorly. It also helps get rid of the adversary habit that has still stuck around in gaming tradtions from back in the dark ages of D&D.

• Not only does the players section and gm sections have a page dedicated to better practices in being a player and gm, but the book has more great modern gaming advice spread throughout.

The game is easy. It's fun. It starts you with things if you don't have ideas at first, and because it is the same writer as Amazing Tales, it has advice on playing with your kids. It also breaks the mold on how supers rpg books are written and designed. $10 is a bargan for this game!

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Thanks for the great review!
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Amazing Heroes
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