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Mythic Babylon
Publisher: Design Mechanism
by David D. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/19/2021 13:11:25

This is another excellent book from the Design Mechanism. Great layout, well-organized, and fantastic content. DM is becoming the new GURPS of settings books: if you have any interest in the topic, you should pick it up regardless of system. It's a high quality book with great research.

One thing that I particularly like about Mythic Babylon, is that while there's a lot of familiarity, there are also plenty of cultural differences that make the setting different and exciting. Priests, for example, are just career employees who's job is to keep the gods satisfied. They're not necessarily zealots, evangelists, or even fans. They're just doing their job. Another example: horses haven't been domesticated yet, and there's difference of opinion about whether kings should be driven in chariots (pulled by donkey or donkey hybrids) or follow the classy, traditional, conservative option and ride a donkey.

If you're a Mythras fan, there's information about cults, stats for monsters (a fair number of which are new to me), and suggested tweaks for the magic system and new combat styles.

Whether you're interested in Babylon, the Bronze Age, or just want to mine for ideas, this is a truly great source book.

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Mythic Babylon
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