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Cyberpunk RED Data Pack $8.00
Publisher: R. Talsorian Games Inc.
by Anthony C. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 10/27/2021 18:06:38

Overall for the price that it is digitally its a steal. You have 30+ pages of writing in addition to the 12 maps that it comes with for something most GMs (and even players) will likely use within a few sessions.

The 12 provided maps are of the same scale and quality as the big books of Loke Battlemats and they slot effortlessly into VTTs such as Roll20 and are extremely print friendly. The scenes themselves seem like they could slot into any campaign. They're all honestly very good to have your hands on if you're going to roll with random encounters. If you expect the unexpected, a stretch of cracked concrete in high definition is very useful when one of your players does a silly, silly side quest for their own curiosity or pushes a gangoon to his violence point.

The character sheets are just as you'd expect: the graphic design holds tight to RED's overall interface and its sleek and easy to read and honestly? They're clean, easy to read, compact, and they just look good - even in that classic black & white.

The booklet itself is set up wonderfully; the PDF-first design philosophy makes reading it on a side screen super easy while in game and much like the core book. The Screamsheets are more detailed than I expected and have a good, meaty personality to them and with minimal fussing you can slot them into a campaign of any color and caliber pretty easily. While they are on the shorter side and we're all groaning for a larger campaign book it has all the highlights you'd expect: nomad job, braindance job, horrible murder job, gang violence job, job-at-a-concert job. They're all pretty good and don't require a specific makeup of a party and they'd be an excellent second step to any group after finishing The Apartment from the jumpstart kit, or when someone can't make session to a larger story.

Lastly, the "20 things" lists help build the city up but also are a great tool for beginner GMs or players who want to familiarize themselves with Cyberpunk RED. You can easily use these as either to help make your campaign more lived-in and if you're in a game where roleplay is king? These lists are basically as good as gold. Part plot point, part useful resource, these lists overall act like seasoning on the meal. There's enough there for a quick stop or as the starter thread to a good roleplay scene, random pocket loot on dead guys, reoccuring characters or... an aside that provides some levity like bees in the flesh zipper. That'll haunt me forever.

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Cyberpunk RED Data Pack
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