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Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game
Publisher: Archaia Entertainment LLC
by Trent L. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/16/2012 15:17:50

I had never read the comics, but once I heard about this and had to check it out. I love this game! I am a d20 player, and I was unfamiliar with the Burning Wheel system. Ultimately, this game takes the simplicity of "open" games and combines it with the ability of a character to grow from more mechanical ones. I think this makes a nice change of pace from mechanics heavy roleplay without totally losing the game aspect. The rules are designed to encourage players to act out their character's purposed personality and also to have the players work together by lending dice. This intensifies the community aspect of the game. These sort of ideas may make the game as fun for a bunch of rowdy adults as it can for younger players as well.

HOWEVER, despite the wonderful artwork in the PDF, there was one glaring problem: the table of contents is wrong. It is off page two pages, and not PDF pages - the actual numbers printed on the paper pages. For that matter, the PDF could use bookmarks.

Ultimately, this is a great game, and totally worth the (current) asking price. Still, I've never seen such a big mistake in a book, so I can only give this four stars even though it is awesome.

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Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game
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